EFT Tapping All Ages


Tapping for Emotional Freedom

I am Certified in the Emotional Freedom Technique’s (EFT), and I use EFT for clients who have PTSD, phobia’s, anxiety and suffer from trauma.  When using the tapping exercises as outlined on the chart above I can see great relief from a client in one session.  What is also important about using EFT is that the client can use the custom designed exercises 24/7 as they feel the need.  

While EFT appears to be simple in its nature I can assure it is complex and designed for each individuals personal and specific needs.  It is always best to begin a therapeutic process with a trained professional. For example, I use the Heart Felt technique that teaches meditative adjustments while we work with releasing the negative energy.

To explain further, EFT is based on releasing energy from the meridian points of the body much in the same way that acupuncture does. Here is a web site where you can learn more about the general practice of EFT.
http://www.eftuniverse.com/research-studies/eft-research  Below is information from the Dawson Church web site.
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