Reiki Training

I offer Reiki Training Levels 1 & 2 . Training includes Syllabus and 3 HR’s of Training on Line via Zoom. The first Attunement is sent via distance Reiki after the first 49 pages of the syllabus are read.

Once you have paid (below) for the training you will receive the syllabus via e-mail. Then you will contact me to set-up a time for your first Attunement. After this you will practice Reiki for a few weeks then we will set-up a time for the 3 HR training.


A Reiki attunement can be a powerful sacred time for those who receive it. When a Reiki Master initiates a student, they are gifted with the ability to then channel Reiki energy through their own hands – to heal oneself and others. A Reiki initiation (attunement) is passed down by a Reiki Master through a series of sacred rituals. The attunement is an initiation to open up crown, heart, and palm chakras to allow Reiki energies to flow through. Reiki attunements open a channel for the Reiki energy to flow from practitioner’s hands to the client. A Reiki Attunement enables you to be a carrier of more light, to receive and channel more universal energy and attune yourself to changing energies with grace and ease. It empowers you to make the changes yourself.

Next Training Date is August 15th. 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The class is 3 hrs. Upon completion you will receive 2 Certificates and 2 Attunements. Plus, in-depth training using Reiki Energy for both self healing, helping others to heal, and distance healing. You will learn the 3 symbols that are sacred in the practice of Reiki. Once completed you will be able to provide yourself and others Reiki healing by using electro magnetic energy.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Provider and a Reiki Master Teacher. If you want to know more about my journey with Reiki please click here

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For more information Text or call 518-248-2757 Or email

Please note this is a special price only good for the dates above. You must sign up by August 1st.

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