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Hi, I’m Maureen Del Giacco a Licensed Creative arts therapist. I know that anxiety is often difficult so I’m offering help.

First, let’s look at one reason that may cause anxiety, many times when we are not feeling safe we will become overwhelmed, if this happens enough times we will develop anxiety attacks. Other reasons we may have anxiety are: worry, harm, lack of anything and/or no support.

Stress and the Neuro factor

Did you know that all the stress we feel affects us neurologically? Well, it does, and it can be helped, in fact, it will eased your feelings by using these simple art exercises that I have designed called the Therapeutic Drawing Series. No, they are not a mandala. They are called the Therapeutic Drawing series because they work the lower part of the brain where anxiety is trigger. I’ll put a couple here with a video shoeing you how to use them. All you need something to color with, a piece of drawing paper and a quiet place to relax your mind as you train your mind to use color and design to recharge and to focus.

Just follow the directions and copy a drawing from the file below.

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