Certified Graduates

Founding members of the Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy Process – Conference 2005, Albany, NY

The Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy process was founded in 1993 by myself as a need for recovery from a traumatic brain injury. As the years went on the process developed into training people from around the world. What we found was that the principles of Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy provided the same benefits to their clients. Since 2004 we have used the Therapeutic Drawing Series to help persons with all types of brain abnormalities live a better quality of life. Maureen C. Del Giacco, Ph.D., LCAT, RMT

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* To obtain the CDATA-l credential, a candidate must meet educational and/or occupational standards and pass a background check. Candidates are required to take part in an intensive, highly structured training program consisting of written and oral coursework that includes weekly, interactive sessions with the professor/ practitioner. The certification process includes weekly written assignments, completion of a six-week practicum and development of specialized treatment plans for clients.

Practitioner Dr. Maureen Del Giacco, Ph.D. has been teaching art-based cognitive rehabilitation since 2004. 

Graduates of Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy Study

Betsy Lazerous Rouse, MA, LCAT – 6 Hr WorkShop – 6 CE – 2020
Kathrine Ferrier, MA, LCAT, – 6 Hr. Work Shop – 6 CE – 2020
Gregory Leeds, M.A., CDAT
Lori Marabella, LCAT, CDATA-2
Agnes, Wolf, LCAT, CDAT
Gail Arpin Finck, B.S., CDATA – 1 NH- 6HR Workshop -6 CE-2020
Danielle Bacque, B.S., CDATA – LA  
Ms. Gretchen Graves, M.S., ATR-BC, CDAT  
Elsbeth Knott, M.A., CDAT 
Jeannine Bestoso, M.Art Ed., CDAT – 6HR Workshop -6 CE-2020
Shona Saayman, OT, CDAT, Western Cape, ZA 
Kerry Anne Gillis, MOT, OTR/L, CDAT 
Kathryn Brown, CDATA, Greensboro, North Carolina
Jane Metelo-Liquito, CDAT-R, Cape Town, South Africa 
Karien Houghton, CDAT-R, Kimberly, ZA –  6HR Workshop -6 CE-2020
Antonia Meers, CDAT-R, Trinidad & Tabango
Annie Toscher, CDAT-R, Australia 
Amanda Hansen, Australia, CDAT, Australia 
Betsy Lazarus Rouse, MA, ATR, CDAT, New YorK, New York
Laura Cruz y Celis-Rodriguez, M.S., M.Ed., CCC-SLP, CDATA 
Daniel Baptist, CDATA, Cape Town, ZA 
Stacey Rosochacki, CDAT, Cape Town, ZA
Ada Dickinson, MA, ATR,CDATA, Indiana 
Rita Koniz, CDAT, MS, Med, Pennslyvania
Lisa Abbott Moore, MS, SLP, CDAT, Vermont 
Eric Jacobson, MA, CDAT, New York, New York 
Beverly King, MA, CDAT, Canada 
Juliette Guasconi, M.S.,CDATA, Ohio
Rosemarie Guasconi, M.S.,CDAT, California 
Linda O’Mara, CDAT, Pennsylvania Graduate
Susan Gibbson, CDATA, Long Island 
Zarina Lam, PhD,CDAT, Hong Kong & Canada 
Kelly Mc Carthy, CDAT, Georgia 
Ken Mc Nally, CDAT, New York, New York
Marti Herdon, Ph.D., CDAT, Tennessee 
Mau Yung Yau, CDATA-R, Massachusetts 
Susanne Watson Bonguard, CDAT, Canada 
Suzanne Adams, CDAT 
Dorita Nahamd de Dayan, CDAT, Panama 
Tara Cronin, CDAT, California 
Briggitta Wilson, CDAT, Canada
Fae Deaton, CDAT, Pennslyvania 
Kalaly Chu, CDAT, Australia
Jennifer Smart, CDAT, Canada 
Cheryl Wilsey-Cleveland, CDAT, Colorado 
Michele Gad, CDAT, Colorado 
Judi Snyder, CDAT, IL
Maricar P. Fajrdo, CDAT, Manila, Philippines
Eliette Markhbein, CDAT, New York, New York
Sindu Mc Cord, CDATA, USA

A few pictures of the Graduates

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