Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation for ADHD, ADD, Traumatic Brain Injury and other neurological issues.

Cognitive rehabilitation or cognitive skills training is a therapeutic intervention designed to improve an individual’s ability to more effectively and efficiently utilize their attention, executive, memory, visuospatial, problem solving and communication skills. The rehabilitation or training consists of planned exercises that place demands on one’s cognitive/intellectual skills in such a way that the person would have to improve upon their existing skill set or acquire new skill sets in order to overcome the demands and successfully complete the tasks.

Normal cognitive development, during infancy and early childhood, appears to be an inherent process of the brain to deal with and overcome obstacles and disharmony produced by environmental demands. A famous French psychologist, Jean Piaget, proposed the terms assimulation and accommodation as the two processes utilized in cognitive development to overcome demands and adapt. Assimulation involves utilizing or expanding upon existing skill sets, while accommodation involves acquiring new skill sets. It seems reasonable that these same inherent abilities to develop cognitive skills could be used in cognitive rehabilitation or cognitive skill training activities.

Our task, in providing treatment, would then become one of designing and presenting treatment tasks that place the proper demands to aid in developing the targeted cognitive skills. For this to be an effective and efficient process that will generalize to other situations, the person receiving the therapy must be aware of and learn about the specific skills, techniques, strategies and procedures that are being taught. It is my opinion that this endeavor is best accomplished when the individual seeking rehabilitation or skills training does so under the supervision and assistance of a qualified and experienced trainer or therapist.

As with any teaching or training program the teacher must have the proper materials and learning exercises to present to the student. The Neuropsychonline program is a comprehensive set of tools and materials for the trainer or therapist to use for cognitive rehabilitation or cognitive skills training. But, these tools are only a part of the therapy. The therapist and trainer must know how to use these tools with the student or patient for the therapy to be effective. They must know and be skilled in a multitude of techniques, strategies and procedures before they can teach them to the student or patient. This is why we not only provide the Neuropsychonline system but we also provide training for the therapist.

Odie L Bracy PhD

Clinical Neuropsychologist

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