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Art Therapy and Therapeutic Drawing Series: Focusing Exercises Using Art Therapy Exercises, 5th Edition, 2021

by Maureen Del Giacco Ph.D LCAT (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

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Now you can learn to focus using 45 colorful therapeutic exercises. You can implement them with color pencil, paints and clay. The ways to use these exercises are endless. The art therapy exercises have been used all over the world and have been subject to extensive observational research. 

Begin by charting your scores using an in-depth Mental Status Exam. Then retake the exam after a few months and see how you have improved. Plus, the assessments help you monitor and understand a person’s reaction to the exercises with the Neuro distress assessments. 

Of course, these exercises are not a cure all. However, neurogenesis tells us that we can and should regrow our brain pathways. When practicing you are involved with plasticity and the more you use these exercises the more you will be involved with improving your ability to focus.

In addition, in order to help you understand the theory behind these exercises I have included 2 revised published articles that will help serve this purpose.

Please Note: I highly recommend that you check your health with your medical provider to see if there is another reason that you may be have issues with focusing.

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