Art Therapy & Tele-Therapy

Art Therapy at home
Art Therapy and Tele-therapy

Tele-therapy is a new and exciting way to offer clients a therapy session and help them to be safe at the same time. The platform I use is HIPPA Compliant and private. For our first tele-therapy session you will need a computer that has Wi-Fi, a camera and microphone. You may also use an iPad and in some cases a phone will work. For more privacy using a headset is a good idea. It is recommended that before a session you close all windows and reboot your computer.

The next step is to meet on line in the tele-therapy room. To do this I will email you a link. All you need to do is click on the link and you will be in the waiting room. Then we can have free consultation that will last 15 minutes or more. This process will help us to determine if we are good fit, and if tele-therapy is suited to your needs.

Once we decide to have a session, we will discuss the forms to be filled out. You will be able to pay for the session and download the required documents while in a session.

As we explore treatment options you will need some colored pencils, markers or anything to draw and color with. Often times a simple exercise would be to draw a heart and express what lives in your heart. This exercise will show us how you are feeling and then we can discuss your impressions as we explore your drawing together.

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