Meet the Art Therapist

Maureen C. Del Giacco, Ph.D., LCAT, RMT

Over the last two decades, I have served many clients with unique and challenging mental health needs. Because of my experience, I realize that any change is scary and exciting all at the same time. That is why I will always work closely with you, I will provide honest and important feed back during your therapy sessions and you will always be an active participant in how your therapy is implemented. This type of involvement encourages a more successful outcome for your efforts.

The goal is to train you to understand and manage your emotions. That takes training and practice. Learning a new skill set is important and you will use these skills for the rest of your life. Please contact me for your free phone evaluation.

Bio: I am a Licensed, Registered and Certified Creative Arts Therapist, Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist and Reiki Master (URM) (KRM).  I have served as the Executive Director for the Brain Trauma Art Therapy Recovery Center, and I have been an approved Provider of Services for the New York State Education Department-VESID and the Department of Health-OMRDD.  To help establish and develop the Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy (DAT) program I received grants from many sources: The New York State Legislature, Met Life, Charitable Venture, William Gundry-Broughton, American Eagles, Saratoga Hospital, the Independent Living Centers to name a few. I have been a guest speaker at numerous facilities and earned the prestigious “Founders Award” from the New York State Brain Injury Association. Additionally, I have many publications; Eric.Gov iBook and e-books on In addition, I am an Approved Provider of Continuing Education for Licensed Creative Arts Therapists by the Office of New York State Mental Health – Provider # CAT-0053 .

Harvard Training

Additionally, I am happy to be a member of the American Art Therapy Association and the New York Art Therapy Art Therapy Association.

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